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If you are requesting pricing for a project please tell me as much information as possible. Pricing is always dependent on materials, the medium used, and the content of the sign. I will also need the date you are needing it completed. If you are local to Oklahoma City and would like to provide the materials for your project I am always flexible and willing to work out the details with you as well as meet up one on one to discuss.
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If you are requesting lettering for a wedding, shower, event, etc. please let me know the date of the event. If this is not for a specific event, please leave this field empty.

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Please note, there are not fixed rates to any custom orders unless you are wanting me to address invitations. If you are curious about pricing for a custom order, just leave as many details about your project in the 'message' block as possible and I will give you an estimated price quote. Prices always include materials, estimated time to complete, shipping (if applicable), and printing (if applicable). Thank you for your interest in contacting me!